Oct 12, 2010

Divya dutta Irfan Khan hot scene in movie Hisss –

Latest buzz is that there is a passionate hot scene picturised on Irfan Khan and Divya dutta in the movie Hiss. Irrfan said that there is a long kissing scene in the movie without any break. The scene was shot in Kerela. He said that the scene was quite long and passionate and the most important thing was that the scene was to be shot in front of the entire unit.

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“Having him as a co-star was a blessing for me. We had a blast shooting for the film. Interestingly, he was more shy than me in the intimate scenes in movie Hisss,” Divya said.

Irrfan Khan also narrated about the scene. He said that the kiss was the requirement of the script. Before the kissing scene in the film both of them go through a crisis and then the love making scene takes place.
Irrfan also confirmed the news saying that it was quite embarrassing to shoot in front of the entire unit and they were not even allowed to take a break…

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  • Divya now look like a aunty

  • Divya is a sexy

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